What I do


I star­ted run­ning the lights for my primary school Christ­mas show at the age of 8, and have been involved with light­ing per­form­ances, TV shows, cor­por­ate events, fest­ivals and one-offs ever since. From the small con­fine­ments of primary school to the mega events at Tel­en­or Arena or the FIS World Ski­ing Cham­pi­on­ships there is a world of dif­fer­ence, from six Strand Can­tata pro­files to six hun­dred mov­ing lights, from a Zero-88 Siri­us to a grandMA2, there is one thing that remains the same no mat­ter what the task is and how big the ven­ue is.

Any good design is simply the solu­tion to a prob­lem well stated. This is the begin­ning and the end of the work of all design­ers, wheth­er one designs cos­tumes for a peri­od drama or com­pu­ter­ized elect­or­al sys­tems, one can not suc­ceed without a defined set of para­met­ers — lim­it­a­tions if you will — which with to oper­ate with­in. Without restraints there is only chaos, and there would be no goals to judge the fin­ished product against.

It is with this approach in mind I set out on any task, in order to deliv­er the solu­tion the cus­tom­er wants, one first needs to under­stand the prob­lem the cus­tom­er has.



I have been writ­ing for aca­dem­ic, tech­nic­al and per­son­al pub­lic­a­tion pur­poses for years, here I aim to give you an out­line of some of the major texts and pro­jects I have been involved with. A major part of the work is dir­ectly related to my work in the light­ing and enter­tain­ment industry, and might be heavy on the tech­no­lo­gic­al jar­gon for some people, whilst oth­er texts are philo­soph­ic­al jour­neys into the hearts of my friends and me, and provides an emo­tion­al and eth­er­e­al doc­u­ment­a­tion on some of the key moments in our lives the past dec­ade or so.


My most recent return to writ­ing coin­cided with my return to uni­ver­sity in 2013, this time aided by a beau­ti­fully simple and effi­cient pub­lish­ing plat­form, MEDIUM is where you will find my latest writ­ing in both the per­son­al, tech­nic­al and the aca­dem­ic space.Visit MEDIUM and par­take in the story here: https://medium.com/@sokkemannen

The Brook­field­Lodge Blog

When I moved in with my best friends in Liv­er­pool in 2006, we found out the house we were liv­ing in was called the Brook­field Lodge, this led to the estab­lish­ment of the Brook­field­Lodge soci­ety and even­tu­ally the cre­ation of brookfieldlodge.org and the Brook­field­Lodge Blog. It began as noth­ing but a glimpse into the every­day lives of 6 stu­dents at LIPA, but after a while we took to the habit of pon­der­ing the great ques­tions of life and exist­ence, and so the blog became a for­um for dis­cus­sion of philo­sophy, reli­gion, eth­ics, mor­ale, social issues and sexu­al­ity amongst oth­er things. Although no one has offi­cially closed the blog yet, these days there are months, even years between each post — but I wel­come you to look back, com­ment and be inspired by what can only be clas­si­fied as youth­ful optim­ism. Read it in Eng­lish here: http://www.brookfieldlodge.org/wordpress/