What I do


I started running the lights for my primary school Christmas show at the age of 8, and have been involved with lighting performances, TV shows, corporate events, festivals and one-offs ever since. From the small confinements of primary school to the mega events at Telenor Arena or the FIS World Skiing Championships there is a world of difference, from six Strand Cantata profiles to six hundred moving lights, from a Zero-88 Sirius to a grandMA2, there is one thing that remains the same no matter what the task is and how big the venue is.

Any good design is simply the solution to a problem well stated. This is the beginning and the end of the work of all designers, whether one designs costumes for a period drama or computerized electoral systems, one can not succeed without a defined set of parameters – limitations if you will – which with to operate within. Without restraints there is only chaos, and there would be no goals to judge the finished product against.

It is with this approach in mind I set out on any task, in order to deliver the solution the customer wants, one first needs to understand the problem the customer has.



I have been writing for academic, technical and personal publication purposes for years, here I aim to give you an outline of some of the major texts and projects I have been involved with. A major part of the work is directly related to my work in the lighting and entertainment industry, and might be heavy on the technological jargon for some people, whilst other texts are philosophical journeys into the hearts of my friends and me, and provides an emotional and ethereal documentation on some of the key moments in our lives the past decade or so.

My most recent return to writing coincided with my return to university in 2013, this time aided by a beautifully simple and efficient publishing platform, MEDIUM is where you will find my latest writing in both the personal, technical and the academic space.Visit MEDIUM and partake in the story here: https://medium.com/@sokkemannen

The BrookfieldLodge Blog
When I moved in with my best friends in Liverpool in 2006, we found out the house we were living in was called the Brookfield Lodge, this led to the establishment of the BrookfieldLodge society and eventually the creation of brookfieldlodge.org and the BrookfieldLodge Blog. It began as nothing but a glimpse into the everyday lives of 6 students at LIPA, but after a while we took to the habit of pondering the great questions of life and existence, and so the blog became a forum for discussion of philosophy, religion, ethics, morale, social issues and sexuality amongst other things. Although no one has officially closed the blog yet, these days there are months, even years between each post – but I welcome you to look back, comment and be inspired by what can only be classified as youthful optimism.Read it in English here: http://www.brookfieldlodge.org/wordpress/

HP Logg
My first ever attempt at writing something coherent about the immediate life around me, this blog begun before the word blog was invented in 2004, and continued more or less for 8 years until it reached 90 installments in 2012. It is considered finished and remains online purely as a testament to this early endavour into the human soul.
Read it in Norwegian only here: http://www.hpjenssen.com/logg/